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Stakeholder-Specific Vulnerability Categorization

SSVC stands for A Stakeholder-Specific Vulnerability Categorization. It is a methodology for prioritizing vulnerabilities based on the needs of the stakeholders involved in the vulnerability management process. SSVC is designed to be used by any stakeholder in the vulnerability management process, including finders, vendors, coordinators, deployers, and others.

Where to go from here

We have organized the SSVC documentation into four main sections:

  • Get Started with SSVC

    Get started learning about SSVC and how it can help you prioritize vulnerabilities. This section is intended for people who are new to SSVC.

    Learning SSVC

  • SSVC How To

    Start using SSVC in your organization today with step-by-step instructions. This section is intended for people who are already familiar with SSVC and want to start using it.

    SSVC How To

  • Learn More about SSVC

    Dig deeper to understand the SSVC methodology and how it works. This section is intended for people who are already familiar with SSVC and want to learn more.

    Understanding SSVC

  • SSVC Reference

    Reference documentation for SSVC. This section is intended for people who are already familiar with SSVC and want to look up specific details.


How Can I Engage with the SSVC Community?

We welcome your feedback and contributions to SSVC. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Ask a question

    If you have a specific question for the SSVC team, please feel free to Ask a Question.

    Questions of more general interest to the community of SSVC users might fit better in the Q&A section of the Discussion area.

  • Report a problem

    If you find a problem with the SSVC documentation, the methodology, or accompanying code, we welcome your Bug Reports

  • Suggest an improvement

    Got an idea for how to make SSVC better? We'd love to hear it! Please submit your Feature Requests

  • Join the conversation

    More in-depth conversations that might not be actionable as issues are found in the Discussions area.

  • See what we're working on

    We manage the SSVC development effort via Github Issues and Pull Requests. Drop by and see what we're working on, or leave a comment to let us know what you're interested in.

  • Get more involved

    Want more information about engaging as a collaborator? Check out the SSVC Project Wiki

Footer Icons

The icons in the footer of each page also provide links to engage with the SSVC community.

Github Tips for New Contributors

If you are new to contributing to open source projects on Github, we've assembled some pointers to help you get started in the Github Tips for SSVC contributors